Meet the author who writes pony books for grown ups

Hello! The seventh kind soul to agree to be interrogated for my series of Q&As with pony book authors is the very lovely Cressida Ellen Schofield. Cressida, the author of The Izzy Brown Stories, has been my long-suffering writing buddy for a few years now, and is always at the end of an email when I'm in need of encouragement or support - or advice on an apostrophe! Writing can be a lonely old business. We authors spend hours locked away in our writing caves with only our characters for company, so it's brilliant to have someone who understands the writing business and the trials and tribulations of being an indie author. The Izzy Brown Stories are best described as pony books for gro

A very special offer plus all my latest news

Hello! I've been so busy quizzing my fellow pony book authors these last couple of months that I haven't had a chance to share my own news with you, so I thought it was high time I let you know what I've been up to since I last wrote. It's been a busy summer, the highlights of which were two weeks in the south of France and my first ever show on Dobbie...but more of that later. France was great. It was blisteringly hot but it gave me the chance to realise a lifelong ambition - to ride in the Camargue. I had a romantic picture in my head of rounding up a few bulls on a grey Camargue horse. It wasn't quite like that, sadly! I rode a mare called Saturne on the beach with eight other tre

Under the spotlight - award-winning author Sheena Wilkinson

Hello! Today I bring you the latest in my series of exclusive Q&As with my fellow pony book authors. This time I put award-winning author Sheena Wilkinson under the spotlight and quiz her mercilessly about her writing life. Sheena, who lives in County Down, Northern Ireland, is best known for her Young Adult fiction and has been described by The Irish Times as 'one of our foremost writers for young people'. Happily for us, three of her books feature horses: the gritty Taking Flight, its sequel Grounded and Too Many Ponies, for younger readers. So without further ado let's find out when Sheena began writing, which are her favourite characters in her books and the things she loves about bei

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