Pony book author Kate Lattey on the horses in her life and how they have inspired her

Hello! Today I am delighted to feature a Q&A with Kate Lattey, the New Zealand-based author of the Pony Jumpers, Dare to Dream and Clearwater Bay pony book series. Kate was one of the first authors I met via the internet back when I first started writing about five years ago. She kindly reviewed the first two Riverdale books on her website, which was a great morale boost to me back when I was lucky if I sold a book a week and writing for a living seemed like a dim and distant dream. It is still a dream, but at least these days I feel as though it's within my grasp. Kate started riding when she was 10 and has never been far from horses since, working as a livery yard groom in England, a

A brand new Riverdale book!

Hello! For the last few weeks I have been working on a new project - something a bit different from the novels but just as much fun. I have written, designed and produced a journal. It's aimed at fans of the Riverdale Pony Stories, but I hope it'll be a hit with everyone who loves horses. My Riverdale Journal is packed with fun activities, from jokes and quizzes to puzzles and drawing challenges.There are fact-files on Connemara ponies like Cloud and Dartmoor ponies like Blaze and Flynn. I couldn't leave out Chester and Jenny, so there are plenty of fascinating facts about donkeys, too. Readers can try their hand at baking some of Poppy’s favourite recipes and let their imagination run

Author Angharad Thompson Rees on writing, horses and magic tales

Hello! One of the things I love about being a member of the author community is the chance to make friends with writers all over the world. My friend Angharad Thompson Rees lives in Sydney, Australia, although she hails originally from South Wales. Angharad, author of the Magical Adventures and Pony Tales stories and the Magic and Mage series, has worked with horses in England, Ibiza, France, Belgium and Melbourne. When she moved to Sydney with her husband five years ago she swapped riding horses for riding waves and says falling off doesn't hurt anywhere near as much now! Today I put Angharad under the spotlight and discover why it's inevitable that horses have a starring role in her

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