The book with the gestation period of a giraffe...

Hello! Finishing a book and sending it out into the world is one of the best things about being an author. That and working in your jimjams and being able to kill off anyone you take a dislike to, anyway. So when I finally finished The Hunt for the Golden Horse, my thirteenth novel and the seventh book in the Riverdale Pony Stories, I was more than ready to crack open the champagne. Because getting to the end had been a long, occasionally enjoyable, more often painful, journey. The book was 13 months in the making – that’s the gestation period of a giraffe! I started Book Seven full of enthusiasm and misplaced optimism back in March 2017, notching up more than eight thousand words in the nex

The latest Riverdale book is coming soon!

Hello! I have some exciting news to share today - I can finally reveal the title of the latest Riverdale book! And here it is! Last time I wrote I told you I was hoping for a May release. Things have gone well and with any luck I might actually beat my deadline (there's a first time for everything!). Anyway, I am now hoping it'll be published before the end of April. The Hunt for the Golden Horse is the seventh Riverdale adventure. It's been 14 months since the last book in the series, Missing on the Moor, was published, so we are long overdue a catch up with Poppy, Cloud and their friends. I actually started this book in March 2017, put it to one side to write The Thirteenth Horse, pic

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