Hello! Exciting news! The new Riverdale book, Saving Grace, is now available for you to download! This is an exclusive FREE novella for everyone who has signed up to receive my emails. Poppy's latest adventure sees her rescue an injured filly she finds on the moor. Grace, a piebald cob, needs urgent veterinary treatment and it's up to Poppy to find a way to pay for it. When she hits upon the idea of holding a horse show - Poppy's Gymkhana - she thinks she's on the home straight. Little does she know her troubles are only just beginning... I have been wanting to write a bonus Riverdale book for ages. Consider it a big, fat THANK YOU for buying and reading my books, posting reviews, following

Cover reveal of the new Riverdale book

Hello! I wanted to give you an update on the new Riverdale story. Because it will be available to download VERY SOON!! I finished the first draft at the end of May and since then I have been busy editing, proofreading and formatting the manuscript. Primping and polishing until it is perfect... although I'd better let you be the judge of that! But I am very happy with Poppy's latest adventure, which sees her rescue an injured filly she finds on the moor. The book is called Saving Grace, and once again Mr Wills has put his design skills to good use. Here's the exclusive cover reveal.... What d'you reckon? Pretty good, eh?! Don't forget that this is a novella, not a full-length book

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