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The Lost Pony of Riverdale.jpg

the lost pony of riverdale

'Standing with his legs slightly splayed was a skeletal grey pony.

He looked as insubstantial as a wrath, but when he turned his brown eyes to Poppy they burned with life.'

Against all Hope.jpg

against all


'As Poppy lent down to whisper in Cloud's ear, he lifted his head, a ghost horse in the moonlight.

She squeezed her legs and he danced on the spot. She laughed wildly and gave him his head.'

into the storm

'Time stood still as the old stone bridge wobbled for a few terrifying seconds.

And then Poppy and Beau were plunging headfirst into the swirling water below.'

Into the Storm.jpg

redhall riders

'In the seconds before Scarlett screamed Poppy heard the plaintiff cry of a curlew echo across the moor. Coor-lee, coor-lee, coorlee.

And then there was silence.'

Redhall Riders.jpg
The Secret of Witch Cottage.jpg

the secret of witch cottage

'As they raced across the moor, their ponies' tails streaming like banners behind them, Poppy imagined Caitlyn making the same journey on a warm summer's morning just like this one.'

Missing on the Moor.jpg

missing on the moor

'Poppy looked around her in horror. After all the hard work, the endless jumping lessons, the books on riding she'd pored over and the hours spent getting ready, and her worst nightmare had come true.'

the hunt for the golden horse

'There in front of them, the light from the tiny window in the eaves of the barn turning his coat golden, was The Persian.

"I'd forgotten how beautiful he was," Poppy breathed.'

Hunt for the Golden Hourse FINAL.jpg

the mystery of riverdale tor

'Something moving in the far corner of the field caught her eye. She trained the torch on it and gasped. It was a roiling, tumbling ball of growling, snapping snarling fur.'

Mystery Riverdale Tor_Final_NEW_March201

A Riverdale Christmas

'Laughter rang out around the moor and Cloud danced on his toes. He felt as tense as a coiled spring. Poppy's heart raced as she struggled to keep him under control.'

A Riverdale Christmas.jpg
Riverdale Pony six book boxset.jpg
Screen Shot boxset jpg.jpg
Journal - front only.jpg
Trophy Horse_Finaljan18.jpg
Pony of Tanglewood Farm_sept 2016.jpg
Final Junos Foal.jpg
The Midnight Pony.jpg
Flick Henderson.jpg

'Once again Amanda has written characters who are so real, you feel like you're there with them.'

- amazon five star review

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