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Find out why everyone's talking about the new Riverdale book!


There's nothing more exciting than sending a new book out into the world, and I am happy to say that everyone seems to love the latest Riverdale story, Edge of Danger.

The feedback I've had since the book launched a couple of weeks ago is that it's the best in the series yet which is, quite frankly, amazing!

Here's what readers have been saying...

'I was sucked straight in to Edge of Danger and barely put it down to sleep.

'Seriously. I absolutely loved being back in Poppy's world, with Cloud, Scarlet and my favourite, Charlie, on their latest adventure.

'All the pony time, teenage drama, and tension you'd expect.

'Some exciting surprises and the addition of some Black Beauty throwbacks was beautiful.

'And some cracking laugh out loud moments to finish it off!'

'This latest in the Riverdale series is wonderful.

'A real page turner and I read it in one go - I just can't make myself spin these books out.

'A really exciting tale and so good to read the latest adventures of the gang.

'Perfect for the pony mad amongst us - but a cracking tale even if you're not.'

'Don’t start reading this on a day you have things to do as you won’t get them done, true to form on all Riverdale Pony books this is a real page turner from start to finish, that really holds you there with Poppy, Cloud and the rest all of the way.

'Having read all of the books in the series I have to honestly say they just get better with each one, and Edge of Danger is the best so far.'

The book galloped to the top of the children's horse ebook charts here in the UK, and in the US it was the top-ranking new release in children's horse ebooks.

The book even knocked Lost Pony into third place, with the two Riverdale books sandwiching a buck-toothed pony!

If you want to find out what everyone's talking about, just click here.

The paperback edition of Edge of Danger is also out, and I got to hold the first copy in my sticky little mitts at the weekend.

I know I'm biased, but I think it looks amazing. Once again Mr Wills has done an amazing job with the cover!

In other news, I've been enjoying some lovely rides through the woods on Dobbie these last few weeks. Although I'm not a fan of winter, I do love autumn and I'm looking forward to seeing the woods turn golden over the coming weeks.

Fridays, known around here as Dobbie Day, continue to be the highlight of my week and Dobbie is always very generous with his ideas for future Riverdale adventures!

Here he is, the handsome devil. Plus the best view in the world (in my opinion!)... a set of perfect pricked ears!

What would we do without ponies - and pony books for that matter?!! The world would be a very dull place, that's for sure!

I hope that wherever you are, you are getting your pony or pony book fix!

Happy reading!

Amanda x

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