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The big cover and title reveal...


First of all a huge thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite title in my poll. You made a difficult decision SO much easier!

Grabbing the highest number of votes was Cloud and the WildFire Riders, although Wildfires on the Moor came a close second, with Riverdale Rescue in third place, Wildfire Riders fourth, and Cloud and the Riverdale Rescue in fifth place. Fire Horse was the least popular choice of the six.

You have excellent taste, because Cloud and the Wildfire Riders was my favourite title too, so I was delighted to go with the majority. And so, Cloud and the Wildfire Riders it is!

Next, I had to persuade Mr Wills to work his usual magic on the cover...

Here he is, beavering away. After a couple of false starts with different images that didn't quite work, I found an image I was happy with, and watched over his shoulder - offering the occasional helpful comment - as he tweaked and polished.

And here's the result!

I would love to know what you think!

The beginning of the week saw the book undergo a final proofread and now I'm busy formatting it ready for its release.

Here's the blurb, just to remind you what it's all about:

Poppy and Scarlett are about to head off on their Duke of Edinburgh award expedition.

The best friends have decided to saddle up their ponies for the two-day camping trip. Because why on earth would you walk when you can ride?

But someone has been starting wildfires on Poppy’s beloved Dartmoor, reducing large areas of moorland to ash and endangering the lives of the native ponies.

With an arsonist at large, the expedition is in jeopardy before they even set off.

And when Poppy wakes in the middle of the night to the red glow of flames, it’s a race against time to save her friends and their ponies.


So I will take my leave as I have much fiddly formatting to do. Keep an eye on your inbox for the release day details. And thank you once more for helping me choose the title. I really appreciate it!

Happy reading!



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