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Lockdown Life Part II


Huge apologies as it's been a while since I last blogged, but life has been busy as I focus on a non-pony book writing project.

Happily, I have been able to fit in lots of horse-time with my favourite neddy, Dobbie, and we've had some super hacks over the last few weeks.

Just over a month ago I tried my hand at clipping for the first time. Dobbie's owner Di did the lines and I filled in the rest. It was my first attempt at clipping but at least I had used a pair of clippers on Mr Wills and the boys when I cut their hair at the start of lockdown.

It comes to something when you practice on your husband and kids before you clip the horse!!

(Before you ask, they weren’t the same pair of clippers!)

Here's Dobbie looking very dapper with his go faster stripes!

Last week I was given a chance to ride Dobbie's big brother Lockie, a dappled grey Irish Sports Horse.

At a shade under 16.3hh, Lockie is HUGE!! In fact I have given him the nickname of The Big Friendly Giant.

To begin with it felt a little strange to be up quite so high, but Prince, the bay Irish Sports Horse I used to ride before Dobbie, was 16.2hh, so it didn't take too long before I felt right at home.

Lockie is only a baby and has the sweetest temperament. He really is a BFG, as you can see from these photos!

Dobbie and Lockie have a new member of their horsey gang. Their owners Di and Gary have welcomed tiny Arthur to the herd.

Arthur is a seven-year-old 10.3hh Welsh Mountain Pony who will be a companion for Dobbie and Lockie.

Here I am meeting him for the first time. And yes, he is as cheeky as he looks!

And finally, I treated our cat Minstrel to a new cat bed a couple of weeks ago.

She had taken up home in an old cardboard box in the kitchen that was waiting to go out with the recycling.

I splashed out and bought her a comfy new bed. She turned her nose up at first and stayed in the box, but after a week or so she gave it a try... and decided she rather liked it after all.

I am happy to report that the cardboard box has been consigned to the recycling!

[Interesting fact: Did you know Minstrel was the inspiration for Poppy's cat Magpie in the Riverdale books?

There you go - you learn something new every day!]

That's all from me for now.

Speak soon and in the meantime...

Happy reading!



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