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Cloud and the Wildfire Riders out in paperback now!


I promised to keep you posted about the release of the paperback version of the latest Riverdale story, Cloud and the WildFire Riders, and I'm very happy to report that it is out now!

To check it out, just click on the links below:

Once again, Adrian has done a great job with the cover. I reckon he's wasted as an author, don't you?!

Better than a chocolate egg...

On Easter Sunday I awoke to the amazing news that the book was topping the Amazon charts in all three of its categories here in the UK.

If you've already read it and have time to pop a quick review on Amazon that would be fantastic.

Reviews are a surefire way of spreading the word about a new release.

And talking of new releases, if you've raced through Cloud and the Wildfire Riders

and are looking for a new pony book to lose yourself in, I have just the thing.

My friend and fellow pony book author Tudor Robins has just released the first in her brand new series, Mystery Stables.

Stolen Saddles is a fun-filled mystery for early teens about friendships, horses, and the fun of playing detective.

Tudor, from Ottawa in Canada, grew up on pony books, from the Pullein-Thompson stories to the Black Stallion series (which I also adored!), liberally interspersed with mystery series like Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and more.

So it was probably inevitable that eventually she'd *need* to write a horse-themed mystery. She tells me: 'I love including younger readers in the experience. Especially because there's nothing stopping older readers from still reading these books - the grown-up me still adores a good mystery/adventure pony book!'

Mystery Stables will see a new mystery set in each month of a full year. Stolen Saddles takes place in August, and Tudor is currently writing September's book.

She says: 'I just received a new review that called the book "A Nancy Drew on horseback" and I can't imagine a better compliment!"'

Here's the blurb to whet your appetite:

When the first saddle disappeared, Emmy wasn’t too worried. After all, the tack room at Mystery Stables isn’t always the most organised, and riding in the creek is better without a saddle anyway. But when more tack starts going missing from other stables, Emmy knows she has to do something. And when the thief moves onto bigger, more dangerous offences, Emmy’s afraid Mystery Stables might not survive the crime spree, leaving her, and her favourite people and horses, without the home they love.

To find out more just click on the links below...

And finally, here's a photo of me with the two horses in my life.

I feel very lucky to be the honorary 'auntie' to Lockie and Dobbie, and to have the chance to ride one or other of them every Friday.

It's the highlight of my week, and always gives me plenty of inspiration for future Riverdale adventures.

The world would be a very dull place without ponies - and pony books!

Happy reading!



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