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The new Riverdale book is available to pre-order!


I have such a lot of news to share with you that I don't quite know where to start.

Who am I trying to kid?! I'll start with the most exciting news: The new Riverdale book is now available to pre-order!

A Riverdale Christmas is the ninth book in the Riverdale Pony Stories, and I have to say it's my favourite so far.

[I know, I always say that, don't I?!]

But it was such great fun to write!

As the title suggests, the book is set at Christmas and I loved dreaming up plenty of snowy Christmassy scenes even though we were in the middle of a mini heatwave here in Kent at the time.

Once again the super-talented Mr Wills has done a brilliant job with the cover. Here it is...

I think it looks awesome but I would love to know what you think!

The book is out this Friday 1st November, and if you want to be one of the first to read it you can pre-order it now so it appears on your reading device as if by magic on publication day.

Here are the links:

And here's the blurb to whet your appetite...

Massive congratulations to Kate Wedlake from Cornwall in the UK, who was the winner of my name a pony competition.

I was overwhelmed by the response, and loved all your suggestions and reading about all those naughty ponies!

I'm glad I had to pick a winner at random, as it would have been impossible to choose one.

Kate's suggestion, an iron grey gelding called Boris, was the winning name, and Boris has now been immortalised in A Riverdale Christmas.

Kate also wins a signed paperback copy of the book. Thanks again to everyone who entered! It was so popular I will definitely do it again for a future book.

In other news, I was thrilled to receive the Czech editions of The Lost Pony of Riverdale in the post this week.

According to Google Translate, they've renamed it Ponies from the Silver River: The Indomitable Pony. I think Poppy would approve!

And I have been renamed Amanda Willsova, which sounds much more exotic than plain old Amanda Wills!

They will be publishing Against all Hope in the New Year, and I am hoping that if the books prove popular in the Czech Republic more in the series may follow.

Finally, there's still time to download your free ebooks in the Girl Power book giveaway.

There are some wonderful books in the bundle, from mysteries and detective stories to fantasy and sci fi tales.

And, as well as Saving Grace, the standalone Riverdale novella, there are two horse stories by Canadian author Angela Dorsey in the giveaway: Abandoned and Winter of the Crystal Dances.

All you have to do to download the books is click on this link.

You have until Thursday to take advantage of this free offer.

So that's all from me in what has been a busy old week. I hope you enjoy Poppy and Cloud's latest adventure. Please do let me know what you think. I always love to hear from you.

Happy reading,

Amanda x

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