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Were you a winner in my box set giveaway?


I have so much news I’m not quite sure where to start!

Perhaps the biggest news of all is that on Monday I became a full-time author!

For the last ten years I have worked part-time as a police press officer and when I began writing fiction seven years ago I managed to fit the books around this very busy job.

But recently I realised that my writing, which had started as a hobby, had grown into a viable full-time career, so I took the plunge, handed in my notice at work, and became a bona fide author!

It’s terrifying and exciting in equal measure, and I hope with all my heart that I can make a go of it.

I am so happy to share my journey with you!

The next big bit of exciting news is that the audiobook of The Lost Pony of Riverdale is out now! My lovely and very talented professional narrator, Danielle Cohen, has done a fantastic job bringing the story - and the whole colourful cast of characters - to life. Five hours and 24 minutes long, the book would be perfect for bedtime stories or to listen to during long journeys or while you are gardening or out walking.

This is my first foray into audiobooks and it has been great fun. If Lost Pony does well I would definitely love to have more of the books narrated, so watch this space! If you would like to check it out and listen to the sample click here if you are in the UK. Here's the link if you're in the US. In France? Click this link. Or maybe you're in Germany. Here you go. I would love to hear what you think! Meanwhile in other news, The Mystery of Riverdale Tor, the eighth book in the Riverdale Pony Stories, has been doing really well with some lovely reviews. It has been consistently in the top five of Amazon's bestselling horse ebooks in the UK, and has reached the coveted number one spot on a couple of occasions.

Here's what early reviewers have had to say about the book:


'Everything a pony-mad girl wants and needs in a fabulous series of pony stories, every time I read the latest book I think it's the best but Amanda has done it again' 'Amanda draws a vivid picture of life on Dartmoor and brings a reality to life with horses, friendships and family that makes it easy to believe you're right there with Poppy through every up and down' 'A pony classic for the future. Well drawn characters and setting. An exciting mystery, some danger, with ponies, farming life and the Dartmoor countryside and a good introduction to TREC'


My favourite book of the series so far, The Mystery of Riverdale Tor sees Poppy turn detective as she strives to uncover the identity of a killer dog that is attacking sheep on local farms.

But first she and Scarlett must get to grips with a new equestrian sport if they are to triumph over snooty Georgia Canning in a TREC competition at Redhall Manor Equestrian Centre. If you like the sound of it, here are the links:

And finally, I am delighted to announce the winners of my most recent giveaway.

Huge congratulations to Nicola Owst, who was first out of the hat and wins a signed copy of the first three Riverdale books in one fantastic boxset!

Congratulations also to Jenny Rose Matte, who was the first person outside the UK to be picked and wins an ebook version of the boxset.

Thanks so much to everyone who took part - once again the response was amazing! If you didn't win this time don't worry, there will be plenty more opportunities to win lovely stuff. So please do stick around. And anyway, I love your company! Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Happy reading! Amanda

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