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Better pack my bags - I'm going on a blog tour!

Hello! Preparing for a book launch is always a hectic time, and because I want to make the launch of The Mystery of Riverdale Tor my best launch ever, I have a lot of fun stuff planned. As you know, the book is already available to pre-order here, and will be released on Wednesday 20 March. In the meantime, I am busy sending out review copies, planning promotions and organising a giveaway to celebrate the book’s publication. One new thing I am trying for the first time is a blog tour. These are digital versions of the traditional book tour, where an author visits bookshops telling people about their new release.

In a blog tour, authors reach new readers by visiting different blogs. I have written guest blogs for seven of my author friends, which will all go live when the book is launched next week. My blog tour is taking me all over the world, from New Zealand, Australia, Spain and Austria, to Exmoor, Northamptonshire and Maidstone, which is just up the road from our home near Faversham. If only I could do the tour for real!

The topics I have written about include everything from why I set the Riverdale books on Dartmoor to where I write. I will be revealing what happened when Dobbie and I tried our hands at TREC and how I plan showjumping courses and quadrille routines on paper for my characters to make them more realistic.

I will share all the links once they are live so you can join me on my whirlwind tour of the world! Talking of blogs, American author and blogger Nancy Christie has published a Q&A with me on her website. Nancy quizzed me about everything from my writing process and my favourite authors to how I overcome writer’s block. It’s the most in-depth interview I have ever given and is in four parts. Here are the links if you’re interested...

In other news, Dobbie and I have been loving our Friday morning hacks in the countryside. Spring is definitely in the air – at last!

And my friend and fellow pony book author Jane Ayres and I enjoyed our talk at Faversham Literary Festival. Here’s a short clip of us explaining why we decided to write about ponies…

That’s all my news for now. I’d better get back to organising that launch! Don’t forget, you can pre-order The Mystery of Riverdale Tor now and have it delivered to your Kindle on the day of its release. Here are those links again:

Happy reading! Amanda

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