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Audiobook news for Riverdale fans!

Hello! Today I bring you book news that I hope you'll be as excited about as I am! Drum roll, please....The Lost Pony of Riverdale will be available as an audiobook some time this spring! Looking into having my books narrated was the top item on my 'Things to do in 2019' list. If you believe the people in the know, audio is The Next Big Thing. So it seemed like a no brainer to at least investigate the possibility. The process was actually much more straightforward than I'd expected and very soon I was on the hunt for the perfect narrator. Since it hit the virtual bookshelves on Amazon five years ago The Lost Pony of Riverdale has been downloaded by an incredible 146,000 people, has notched up more than 750 five star reviews on Goodreads and almost 300 Amazon five star reviews in the UK and US. So I was determined to find someone who would do the book justice.

Ten narrators auditioned for the book, and they were all great. But one felt so absolutely right for Riverdale that the decision was easy in the end. And so Danielle Cohen is going to be 'The Voice of Riverdale'. Danielle is from Manchester originally but now lives in Vermont in the US. She has, she tells me, been performing all her life, doing impressions for her family at a very early age and reading the newspaper aloud to anyone who cared to listen! She has over 25 years of theatre and television experience and has been recording audiobooks in her professional home studio since 2015.

Danielle is such an experienced narrator that I was over the moon when she agreed to take on The Lost Pony of Riverdale.

We had a long chat last week about voices for the different characters, from the McKeevers, Scarlett and Tory to some of the 'bit-part' people, like Inspector Bill Pearson and his sidekick Sergeant Wood, reporter Sniffer Smith and his photographer Henry Blossom and Mrs Parker, the cantankerous busybody at Tory's warden-assisted flats. I'd forgotten the cast list was so big!

The good news is that Danielle has already made a start recording the audiobook. Here she is, hard at work in her sound booth all the way over in snowy Vermont...

I am super excited about this project and am so chuffed Danielle is on board. Exciting times ahead! Meanwhile, in other news, I am very close to finishing the first draft of the Riverdale Book Eight. Just a couple more scenes to write. Then it'll be a few rounds of edits before it's ready to send to my beta readers for their all important feedback - always a nerve-wracking moment! My friend and fellow pony book author, Jane Ayres, and I are also getting ready for our children's talk at Faversham Literary Festival in the Guildhall, Market Street, Faversham, from 3pm until 3.45pm on Saturday 23 February. The event is totally free and there's no need to book - you can just turn up on the door. We'd love to see you there! Jane and I will be talking about writing, what inspires us and why we love writing pony books. We'll be signing books and answering questions. You can also help yourself to one of my newly-designed bookmarks!

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Speak soon and in the meantime... Happy reading! Amanda

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