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Hello! Good news! The Thirteenth Horse is now available on Amazon. You'll find all the links below the blurb.

New girl in town Kristy Moore is desperate to fit in. So, when she lands a job at Mill Farm Stables, she hopes she’ll make friends with the children who keep their ponies there.

When she’s given the cold shoulder by their ringleader, bossy Norah Bergman, she seeks solace by befriending the mysterious and mighty black Percheron, Cassius.

To her surprise, Norah and her friends invite Kristy to join their quadrille team.

Fate deals them one disaster after another and Kristy begins to wonder if they are destined to fail.

As the day of the quadrille draws near, can Kristy and her new friends overcome adversity and triumph against all odds?

And will Kristy lose the one thing she loves more than anything – her beloved horse Cassius?

Early reviews have been great: 'I could barely put this book down. Once again Amanda has written characters who are so real, you feel like you're there with them...It's fabulously paced, engaging, and completely unputdownable. I've read many books by Amanda now...I've enjoyed them all, but this one is probably my favourite....If you like horse stories, if you like friendship stories, or those about teamwork, then this book is for you.' 'I really enjoyed this book. Good characters, including the horses, and good story, well written. I would recommend this to kids and adults alike.' 'Well crafted characters, fast moving story, everything a horse lover needs!'

You can grab The Thirteenth Horse for £1.99 - or $2.99 in the US - for a LIMITED TIME before it goes up to its usual price of £2.99 ($3.99 in the US). I'm hoping to make it my best launch ever...and I can't do that without you. Even if you're reading something else at the moment, buying The Thirteenth Horse now at the special launch price and adding it to your To Read pile will mean that the purchase counts towards the ranking and will make it much more likely that we can make a noise with this launch. And then you'll have The Thirteenth Horse on your device ready for your summer holiday...

I hope you love the book as much as I loved writing it. Let me know what you think, and please feel free to forward this email to any of your friends who enjoy pony stories. Happy reading! Amanda PS Those links again:

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