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Exclusive news for Riverdale fans!

Good morning!

Exciting Riverdale news to share today! After much head-scratching, pen-chewing and gazing blankly into space the nameless Book Five now has a title. I can exclusively reveal that the book is called (drum roll please!)...

The Secret of Witch Cottage

You guys really are the first to know so I hope you like it! I'm working my way through the final edits at the moment. Once they're done I'll format the book, choose a cover and write the blurb. After their exploits at Oaklands Trekking Centre and Redhall Manor, Poppy and her best friend Scarlett are back on home turf for their fifth adventure. I can promise intrigue, mystery, plenty of ponies and a new character, Jodie Morgan, the spiky owner of a local horse rescue charity.

At the centre of the story is an abandoned cottage in the middle of the moor. Much like this one, in fact.

The cottage has a secret. One that Poppy must unravel if she is to save Jodie from making a terrible mistake that could jeopardise both the rescue horses and her own future.

I really enjoyed writing this one (who am I kidding - I really enjoy writing them all!) and the feedback from my willing band of first readers has been great. So it's all systems go for a summer release. I'll keep you posted.

In other non-book news, I went to see the mighty Coldplay at Wembley Stadium last week. It was an absolutely awesome night and definitely one ticked off my bucket list. (If you were wondering, the top two on the list are visiting Machu Picchu and swimming with dolphins. Not terribly original, but who cares?)

The Lost Pony of Riverdale is still completely free to download as an e-book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. So if you enjoyed it, tell your friends!

Happy reading!


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