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Summer fun and some new paperbacks!


There's nothing guaranteed to cheer me up more than a lovely email from a reader or a parcel containing my books.

I had both last week!

The email came from a lady who has been enjoying the Riverdale books with her seven-year-old daughter. Having shared a love of horses with my own mum, I was so pleased they were enjoying Poppy and Cloud's adventures together.

The email made my week!

Then I had an exciting parcel from Amazon. I've been meaning to have the Riverdale novella, Saving Grace, and the third Riverdale omnibus edition, which includes The Hunt for the Golden Horse, The Mystery of Riverdale Tor and A Riverdale Christmas, formatted as print books for a while.

Both were already available as ebooks, but I know lots of you prefer to feel a proper book in your hands.

Anyway, I finally got around to it and both paperbacks are now available through Amazon.

They look fantastic, thanks to the lovely covers designed by Mr Wills!

What do you think? Pretty cool huh?!

Here are the links if you'd like to check them out:

I am coming to the end of a non-pony book project and as soon as that's wrapped up I will be starting work on the new Riverdale book - the tenth full-length story in the series, can you believe it?!

I have a few ideas kicking about, but not enough for a plot yet. So I need to get my thinking cap on and dream up a new mystery for Poppy and her friends to solve.

The plan is to make a start later this month and have the book finished by the autumn.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying hacking Dobbie along beautiful woodland bridleways and quiet country lanes every Friday.

He moved yards earlier this year and the hacking at the new place is amazing. Here's a little Dobbie montage (because I have found a cool new collage-maker online and it's the perfect excuse to put together some pictures of my favourite ponio...!)

That's all from me for now. Don't forget you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram where I'm always posting pictures and videos of everything from Dobbie and our cat Minstrel to the cakes I've baked and my walks in the countryside.

See you there!

Stay safe and happy reading,

Amanda x

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