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New Riverdale book OUT NOW!!


I'm delighted to say that the new Riverdale book, Cloud and the Wildfire Riders, is out now!

The eleventh book in the series was an absolute pleasure to write, even though it deals with some serious environmental issues, including the problem of wildfires on Dartmoor.

The book sees Poppy and Scarlett about to saddle up for their Duke of Edinburgh award expedition.

Needless to say they've elected to carry out the two-day camping trip on horseback, because why on earth would you choose to walk when you could ride?!

But someone is setting fires on the moor, putting the expedition in jeopardy before they even set off.

And when Poppy wakes in the middle of the night to the red glow of flames, it’s a race against time to save her friends and their ponies...

Cloud and the Wildfire Riders has all the usual ingredients you have come to expect from a Riverdale story: fun, friendship, adventure and, of course, plenty of ponies!

The ebook is out now and the paperback will be out in the next day or so.

To check it out, just click on the links:

I hope you enjoy Poppy and Cloud's latest adventure. Please do let me know what you think. I always love to hear from you.

Happy reading!



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