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Greetings from rainy Kent!


How's things? I'm sitting in my writing cave (a corner of the dining room!) staring out of the window at yet another rainy June afternoon. I'm sure all this rain is good for the garden, but I can't wait for the sun to come out and play!

So, what have I been up to in the last couple of weeks? Well, living in a house with a husband and two teenage sons, I have been watching a whole lot of football. We're all still smiling after England made it into the semi-finals of the Euros, and we'll be cheering the team on when they play Denmark on Wednesday.

Although the weather hasn't been great, it's actually been really nice for riding as it's not been too hot for the horses.

I have enjoyed some lovely rides in the countryside on Dobbie. He and his big brother Lockie are always great inspiration for my pony stories, which is just as well, as I need to begin plotting the new Riverdale book in a couple of months' time.

Meanwhile, our rescue kitten, Luna, has been exploring the Big Outdoors. Born on Halloween, she is now eight months old, and is a very cheeky girl, full of fun. She's certainly helped keep our spirits up during lockdown.

In other news, production of the audiobook of Against all Hope is well underway, and I hope it will be out very soon.

I also have news of a couple of exciting deals I know you'll love.

Firstly, The Thirteenth Horse, the first book in my Mill Farm Stables series, is just 99p/99c to download for the next few days.

The book tells the story of pony-mad but penniless Kristy Moore, who can't believe her luck when she lands a job at a local stables.

Kristy tries to make friends with the children who keep their ponies at the yard. When she’s given the cold shoulder by Nora, their bossy ringleader, she seeks solace by befriending the mysterious black horse, Cassius.

To her surprise, Norah and her friends invite Kristy to join their quadrille team. Fate deals them one disaster after another and Kristy begins to wonder if they are destined to fail. As the day of the quadrille draws near, can she and her new friends overcome adversity and triumph against all odds? And will Kristy lose the one thing she loves more than anything – her beloved Cassius?

If you like the sound of The Thirteenth Horse, you can check out the 99p/99c deal here:

And that's not all, especially if you are partial to a bit of magic. The first two books in my friend and fellow author Angharad Thompson Rees's Magic and Mage series are just 99p/99c to download for the next couple of weeks. Yes, you heard me right - that's 99p/99c for BOTH books!

Witch Hearts and Fire Heart follow the fortunes of the Cheval triplets Morganne, Amara, and Fae as they team up with magical horses, Camelot knights, dragons, and King Arthur’s magician to fight against dark forces. Here's the link if you'd like to check them out HERE.

I hope you enjoy these three great adventures.

That's all from me for now.

Happy reading!



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